Gallbladder Surgery

Post operation - single site gallbladder surgery Post operation - single site gallbladder surgery

The first laparoscopic gallbladder operation was performed in the US in 1989. We began providing this service in 1990. While experienced with the ‘open’ procedure, at North Suburban Surgical Consultants we have now performed thousands of these minimally invasive operations with superior safety.

This experience has allowed us to be one of the first groups in northern Illinois to obtain the skills and certification to offer the newest advancement in gallbladder surgery, utilizing the DaVinci robotic surgical platform including single port robotic assisted laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It is our opinion that single port offers the best cosmetic results and robotic assistance allows this to be accomplished with the lowest risks, which ultimately is the goal of every surgeon.

Dr. Robert Sulkowski Dr. Robert Sulkowski
Dr. M. Scott Peckler Dr. M. Scott Peckler